Managing Partners

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Dee Bennett
Founder, Managing Partner

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Rosemary Romano
Managing Partner


Technical Consultants in Social and Behavior Change

Bettina Barillas

Public Health, HIV and AIDS, Government, NGO


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     Julie      Hackett

Public Health, Education, Child Protection




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Prabodh Acharya

Education, Nutrition, Disability Awareness, Family Planning, HIV and AIDS, Financial Education for Youth

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Rebecca Martinez

Education, Public Health, Gender


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Dr. Rita Sonko-Najjemba

Public Health, Medicine, Health Economics

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   Sangeeta    Lama

Media, Public Relations

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       Susan        smith

Private sector development, energy & infrastructure policy, investment promotion, microfinance, economic inclusion

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Sushan Acharya

Education, Research Evaluation




Ljubica Latinovic

Gisele McAuliffe
Advocacy Communications Intl + Bigger Impact

Greg Berger Design

Kiirti Studio