How is homelessness a public health issue? How do you reconstruct your life after the loss of a beloved husband, doctor and author? Is music a prescription for mental health issues? SARS, H5N1 virus, and Ebola are these threats to global security?


Technology innovations such as 3-D printers that build living tissue; bioengineered sensors that allow individuals to monitor their body chemistry are no longer futuristic but are tools on the verge of mainstream medicine care and treatment.

TEDMED the premier event for innovations in technology and medicine convenes the leading experts, patients, and families to share their experiences and discoveries.

In addition to bringing attention to technology and medicine TEDMED also identifies the rising innovators and their technologies to present at TEDMED and its Hive. TEDMED connects these technology leaders with investors to help bring these ideas to the market.

TEDMED’s year-long work culminates in its annual TEDMED event featuring the influencers and pioneer experts in their fields.  In 15-minute storytelling, these experts and patients state the problem, present the solution, and share the benefits mapping how it was done so others can adapt and learn from their experience. Presentation segments can be found on www.tedmed.com

For the past four years, Another Option has been proud to provide strategic public relations and communication support to TEDMED. In addition to media relations Another Option has created special projects to engage the on-line TEDMED community with TEDMED speakers.

The following are media coverage generated from TEDMED “What If…” ranging from BBC podcast Living Long and Mastering Aging to NPR program stories to print journalists such as Fast Company and The Washington Post to social media.