The Another Option approach is cross-cutting and has been successfully applied to address critical issues in health, education, nutrition- and food- security, climate change, environment, gender, democracy and governance, and water and sanitation.


Another Option is a global with a network of technical experts and organization in the US and throughout the world. Its technical team has many years of experience in social and behavior change (SBC), transformative social change, strategic communication, research, monitoring and evaluation and learning (MELS) and is deeply rooted in behavioral theories and research data.


Managing Partners

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Dee Bennett
Founder, Managing Partner

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Rosemary Romano
Managing Partner


Technical Consultants in Social and Behavior Change

Bettina Barillas

Public Health, HIV and AIDS, Government, NGO


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     Julie      Hackett

Public Health, Education, Child Protection




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Prabodh Acharya

Education, Nutrition, Disability Awareness, Family Planning, HIV and AIDS, Financial Education for Youth

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Rebecca Martinez

Education, Public Health, Gender


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Dr. Rita Sonko-Najjemba

Public Health, Medicine, Health Economics

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   Sangeeta    Lama

Media, Public Relations

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       Susan        smith

Private sector development, energy & infrastructure policy, investment promotion, microfinance, economic inclusion

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Sushan Acharya

Education, Research Evaluation




Ljubica Latinovic

Gisele McAuliffe
Advocacy Communications Intl + Bigger Impact

Greg Berger Design

Kiirti Studio