Project Overviews

Since 2012, Another Option has used its expertise to in strategic program design, management, and implementation to address a wide range of complex development issues including health, nutrition, climate change, gender, democracy and governance, water and sanitation, environment, and education.



For the past four years, Another Option has been proud to provide strategic public relations and communication support to TEDMED. In addition to media relations, Another Option has created special projects to engage the online TEDMED community with TEDMED speakers.



USAID NePal - Early Grade Reading Program

Another Option is a member of the technical team of the USAID/Nepal’s Early Grade Reading Program (EGRP) managed by RTI International. Under this five year program, Another Option provides technical assistance in social and behavior change communication with an emphasis on mass media, advocacy and public awareness to increase family and community support for early grade reading. The overall goal is to improve reading outcomes for over one million learners in Nepali, as well as three mother tongue languages. EGRP is a Task Order under the Assistance to Basic Education: All Children Reading (ABE ACR).





JSI – Regional health integration to enhance services

Another Option is providing technical assistance in Social and Behavior Change (SBC) to strengthen the government’s ability to respond to the health needs of the community. The multi-year initiative is part of the USAID Uganda-funded Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services – North, Lango (RHITES-N, Lango) Project, awarded John Snow, Inc.

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Technical Assistance to USAID: Program Evaluations and Technical Assistance

Another Option’s technical team have been team leads for several Global Health programs including health system strengthening, social and behavior change, family planning, and social marketing.

The team leads evaluations work for USAID missions in Haiti and Nigeria under USAID’s GH Pro (Global Health Professional Cycle Improvement Project) managed by Dexis Consulting Group.

Another Option provide technical assistance in program assistance to mission program managers and implementing partners.

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World Bank - Service Delivery Indicators

Another Option provided strategic communication and technical support to the World Bank's Service Delivery Indicators Initiative, a unique 10-year program that measures the service delivery indicators in the health and education sectors in more than 10 African countries.

In addition to developing the SDI website, Another Option provided assistance in social and digital media, message development, and technical support on country launches and media outreach. The program ran through the summer of 2014.



USAID Office of Global Development Alliance & Girl RisIng

Another Option provided technical assistance in developing the proposal, designing the BCC country interventions and assisting with implementation planning for the Girl Rising Country Partnership in India, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria. This gender-focused public-private partnership initiative is to encourage and increase girls’ education. The project ran from October 2013 to February 2014.


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Tanzania Marketing & Communication

A Tanzania-based social marketing and behavior change organization that specializes in a wide range of health and development issues is one of our newer clients. Another Option is providing technical assistance in new business development. AO is identifying new funders and donors among governments, foundations, and institutions as well as compatible strengths and services T-MARC can provide.



UNAIDS Secretariat

Another Option will develop annual communication and public relation tools for the UNAIDS Communications and Global Advocacy Office. This is a three year contract.



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USAID – Restoring the Environment through prosperity, Livelihoods, & CoNserving Ecosystems

As a member of dTS' winning consortium, Another Option will be the technical lead in behavior change and communication in country projects. REPLACE is a five-year program running through 2019.


Insight Group– Iraq

Another Option provided communication technical assistant to the Insight Group that is designing communication messages and materials for the Primary Health Care Project in Iraq. The focus was on demand creation of services and products as part of the health services strengthening in Iraq.


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USAID – Ebola Community Action Platform

Another Option’s technical team is providing technical assistance in behavior change communication and monitoring and evaluation to Women’s Campaign International (WCI). The program is active in nine counties in Liberia.



FAO Egypt – Social & Behavior Change

The Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) is a health focus by the government of Egypt and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Egypt office. For FAO and in collaboration with the government’s General Office of Veterinarian Services (GOVS) Another Option developed a long-term Social and Behavior Change Communication Strategy.



World Health Organization – Public Health Strategy

We designed a Social and Behavior Change Strategy and Plan of Action for World Health Organization and Government of Maldives to improve Public Health in Maldives with an emphasis on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) and Infectious Diseases.